ontario, CANADA

Graphic Lake Project

Located 55km south-east of Kenora, Ontario, Graphic Lake is situated in the Sioux Lookout Domain of the Wabigoon Terrane in north-west Ontario. The property hosts a pegmatite swarm trending NE/SW, over an estimated strike of 5.5km controlled by the foliation of the metasedimentary host rock. These pegmatites exhibit elevated levels of Rare-Earth-Elements (REE) consistent with Lithium-Caesium-Tantalum (LCT) pegmatites. LCT pegmatites account for roughly one quarter of all lithium production, most of the tantalum production and all caesium production globally.

Access to the property is favourable along gravel/dirt roads trending east/west from Highway 71. Further infrastructure to site such as electricity is also favourable with powerlines present across the property.

First Nations

Local first nations are Animakee Wa Zhing #37 and the Metis Nation of Ontario.